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Security Fittings

From custom screens to high security steel doors, VPSitex will recommend the right solution to secure your property.

We are proud to offer a range of innovative steel screen products ranging from custom screens to high security steel doors to secure your property.  Steel doors can offer protection and high-visibility deterrence, while our steel screens far surpass the security offered by traditional timber panelling.

Our steel screens and doors deliver a variety of benefits. These include rapid fitting, a wide range of sizes, and robust materials. Our screens also include perforations that allow light and air to circulate, while protecting from outside elements and prying eyes.

Keyed steel doors

These doors are fitted with a pair of three-lever locks, giving double-locking protection. They also come complete with piano hinges to ensure that the door cannot be removed. For ease of use, we can provide one master key allowing you to gain access to multiple properties.

Digital Keypad Security doors

Our optional keyless entry system adds real value. Properties are accessed using either a colour or number coded push-button combination lock. This solution also comes with a hierarchy of codes to control access for additional security. The anti-vandal design makes it as tough as it is convenient.

Steel screens

Our steel screens are secured with back bars and act as a visible and highly effective deterrent to thieves, intruders and squatters. They sit flush within the existing windows, without leaving any opening for objects to be pushed through or for the screen to be forced off.

Custom sheeting

Custom-made to fit unusual window styles or sizes, our custom sheeting delivers the same security benefits as our steel screens. It can provide complete protection in many areas around your building, including meter boxes. Our custom sheeting is secured in a way that cannot be removed with a standard screwdriver.

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