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CASE STUDY: Eagle-eyed VPS operatives go the extra mile for Land Securities

Tuesday 07 May 2013

The Background

Founded in 1944, Land Securities is a FTSE100 company and the largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the UK on the basis of equity market capitalisation.
Land Securities owns, develops and manages more than 29 million sq ft of commercial property and provides property services to more than 2,500 private and public sector clients. Its portfolio comprises of offices, shops and houses, as well as 24 shopping centres and 17 retail parks around the UK.

The Situation

Land Securities had been working with VPS since 2011 and the relationship strengthened in November the following year, when VPS became involved in providing security solutions to a number of stores that closed, following the insolvency of a retail chain.
Towards the end of 2012, VPS was asked to survey two new sites at a retail park in Dagenham and provide risk assessments. The instructions were received within a few weeks of each other – which turned out to be very fortunate for Land Securities!
On going out to survey the second site, the VPS operatives decided to do a courtesy check on the first site as it was located in the same retail park. This was an unscheduled visit as the survey had already been conducted and VPS were awaiting the instructions to take over responsibility for the property and install the necessary security measures. However, when visiting the site, the team found that existing security had been breached - the locks had been removed and the front door to the store was open.

The Solution

The VPS operatives reported the breach to the client early in the afternoon. By late afternoon the same day, the security responsibility had been switched to VPS and a crew were on site to secure the unit on a temporary basis, before awaiting further instruction.
A high security steel door was fitted to provide immediate security and the following day, SmartAlarm Gold and sensors were fully installed.
The VPS SmartAlarm Gold is our most technologically advanced and innovative alarm, providing high level protection against intruders, fire and flooding.
Entirely stand-alone with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection, the SmartAlarm Gold works with innovative Verifeye visual sensors. This state-of-the art motion activated camera sensor captures up to 20 seconds of full colour video footage and has already proved valuable in preventing unnecessary security response team call outs as the  monitoring station are able to immediately see who or what triggered the alarm. In addition, the footage is clear enough to be used to identify intruders.
Not only can the VPS SmartAlarm Gold detect intruders using the internal and external wireless PIR motion sensors, the smoke sensors will detect fire and the moisture sensor will detect flooding. In addition, the alarm can also be paired with a range of other sensors including pressure mats and door sensors.
At VPS, we understand that intruders can be very determined and that the mere presence of an alarm may not always be a sufficient deterrent. That’s why the SmartAlarm Gold is protected by the same material that is used in riot shields – making it capable of withstanding attack. The alarm will therefore continue to communicate with the monitoring station throughout the attempted destruction.
If the alarm is activated, a 120 decibel siren is emitted so as to make the intruder aware of the alarm presence. The alarm unit instantly relays a signal to our 24/7 National monitoring centre allowing them to respond as appropriate. Depending on the customer agreement, they will  either dispatch our local roaming security response teams or contact the client’s designated key holder. If the local roaming team attends, they will deal with any incidents on arrival and involve the authorities if necessary.
For simplicity and security, users of our SmartAlarm systems are provided with a Personal Identification Device (PID). This contains an encrypted serial number allowing the  keyholder to activate or deactivate the alarm by simply touching it with the PID. And if they forget to activate it, the alarms are so ‘smart’ that they can be programmed to re-arm themselves at a certain time!

The Outcome

Since the unit has been fully secured, there have been no further breaches or security incidents.
As a result of the diligence from the VPS team, Land Securities has instructed the company to inspect and secure 12 additional sites.

“We are very impressed with the service of VPS – very responsive and diligent. It’s great to have a provider that we can work closely with to protect these properties” Julie Bell – Insurance Manager, Land Securities

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