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CASE STUDY: VPS helps Tesco protect vacant properties awaiting planning aproval

Monday 02 January 2012

VPS helps Tesco protect vacant properties awaiting planning approval

VPS security solutions protect Tesco property asset and local community during change of use planning application

Tesco acquires all types of properties across a diverse range of sites to develop into a variety of different store formats. These range from pubs, retail premises, churches or vacant buildings which often require planning permission for a change of use. While this is taking place vacant properties face a risk from trespassers, vandalism and criminal activity, which can in turn have a negative impact on local communities.

Tesco helps to revitalise and regenerate deprived areas that have often suffered years of neglect and invests in places where other retailers won’t go. Cherry Tree House was a vacant pub in Rainham, Essex, which had stood derelict for months and was acquired by Tesco to develop into a Tesco Metro Store.  The property was situated in an area which suffered from high incidences of crime and the pub had come under increasing attacks from trespassers and arsonists.  Tesco wanted to secure the site professionally in order to protect its property asset, reduce public liability risk, and prevent the vacant property impacting negatively on the local community.

Tesco acted quickly and instructed VPS the moment it took legal ownership of the building to provide a range of specialist services to protect the building from further attacks. VPS successfully protected the building by installing hoardings around the perimeter of the property and steel security to windows and doors. Following further attempts to breach the security by trespassers and arsonists, VPS stepped up the security further and provided manned guards on the site around the clock, which significantly reduced crime and completely eradicated arson attacks. 

VPS successfully protected the former pub for Tesco for three months until the planning application was approved. By having a manned presence on site for a third of this time frame, damage to the property was significantly reduced and arson threats were eradicated.

Mark Britton, Property Manager at Asset and Estates at Tesco, said: “Vacant properties can attract crime and squatters which can not only stall development and damage the site, but can also impact negatively on the surrounding neighbours and properties. Tesco is dedicated to working closely with local communities and protecting sites properly and professionally from the outset means we can help reduce the negative impact of crime and vandalism that vacant buildings can have on communities.”


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