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CASE STUDY: VPS delivers value for money and quality services - Guinness Northern Counties

Tuesday 13 September 2011

VPS delivers value for money and quality services for one of the UK’s largest housing organisations - Guinness Northern Counties

Guinness Northern Counties provides a wide range of services including care and support, neighbourhood investment, housing management and rental or ownership opportunities to residents in over 26,000 homes located in the North of England. It is part of The Guinness Partnership, one of the largest affordable housing and care providers in the country, which owns and manages over 60,000 properties and continually works to build neighbourhoods where people want to live.

Guinness Northern Counties aims to deliver high quality services that are good value for money, but most of all it wants its customers and residents to be satisfied. So when a resident moves out, Guinness Northern Counties sets to work to make sure that properties are turned around and made ready for the next resident as quickly as possible. Not only does this ensure that waiting lists for housing are kept to a minimum, but that void properties are brought back into use to generate rental income that can be reinvested into improving neighbourhoods and the property estate.

Guinness Northern Counties appointed VPS in January 2010 to undertake a £100,000 (per annum) contractproviding clearing and security services on an ongoingbasis. The VPS team maintains strong communicationlinks, liaising with the client daily to allow Guinness Northern Counties to allocate work on a flexible basis, in case properties aren’t accessible to be cleared and secured. Review meetings are held at least quarterly and address any issues so that the VPS Account Manager and Service Centre Manager can take immediate action.

Appointing a company that specialises in void property solutions means that the properties can be efficiently cleared within specified deadlines, often with as little as 24 hours notice required. VPS clears the property of general rubbish and undertakes garden clearance.  Additional services such as fumigations, needle sweeps and graffiti removal are also supplied, when required.  Turnaround times for completing these jobs can vary from 24-48 hours.

The Outcome
VPS clears on average around 8 properties per week for Guinness Northern Counties and completes approximately 20 security related jobs, with over 99% completed on time. Nigel Bennett, Buyer at Guinness Northern Counties, said: “We want to deliver high quality services which are good value for money. Working in partnership with VPS we’re able to continually look at ways to improve our services for customers. The quality of work VPS undertakes meets our high standards and Key Performances Indicators. By employing a specialist company, we can concentrate our resources on helping our tenants and customers, knowing that VPS will take care of providing vacant property services to meet our customers’ expectations.”


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CASE STUDY: VPS delivers value for money and quality services  - Guinness Northern Counties Download as a PDF

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