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CASE STUDY: VPS charged with helping Humberside Police

Tuesday 13 September 2011

VPS charged with helping Humberside Police

Humberside Police Clean and ClearAfter an incident or crime has been committed the Police are under pressure to secure the crime scene as quickly as possible to ensure accurate forensic evidence is recorded. It is essential that the Police prevent footfall and unauthorised access by members of the public, press, other emergency services that could disturb the evidence used to solve the crime and for subsequent court proceedings. The Police also need to be on high alert for a possible attack on the crime scene by anyone trying to damage or  destroy the remaining evidence using chemical attacks or arson.

The Problem
Humberside Police Major Incident Team regularly deals with crimes of a violent nature. While most crime scenes are cleared within 24 to 48 hours, a particular murder required Humberside Police to keep the scene secure until after a post-mortem had been carried out on the deceased. This presented both huge operational and cost implications, as keeping a manned Police presence guarding the property 24/7 would have used up precious Police resources and led to increased costs because of the need to pay overtime.

The Solution
With an excellent track record of helping Humberside Police to secure properties that had previously been subjected to vandalism, John Wilson, Office Manager of the Humberside Police Major Incident team appointed VPS to secure the crime scene. VPS acted swiftly and discreetly to secure the entrance to the property and prevent unauthorised access. Proprietary steel security screens and doors, installed by VPS, were fitted tightly into the reveals for a neat appearance and to help eliminate leverage points for would-be trespassers.

The Outcome
John Wilson, Humberside Major Incident Team said: “We get peace of mind that VPS are securing and guarding vulnerable properties which enables our officers to concentrate on the job in hand and get back to protecting the public out on the streets. They offer an efficient and great value service that suits the needs of my team by offering round-the-clock security to crime scenes we are investigating with the minimum of disruption. Their fast response ensures that the utmost security is in place before any Police presence is removed, to when the property is handed back to its rightful owners. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to other Police forces across the country as an example of best practice that helps to reduce costs while at the same time improving the protection we’re able to offer to the local community.”

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