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The Vacant Property Specialists
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Vacant Property Lifecycle

After more than a decade of providing integrated solutions that have helped customers to care for and mitigate risks associated with over 60,000 vacant properties worldwide, we understand that our success depends upon your peace of mind.

When faced with a vacated property, our customers know the problem is not solved by merely locking the front door. More often than not, a vacated property is not something you will have planned for. As a result, the situation can feel a bit overwhelming, with concerns around loss of income, security, vandalism, crime, and asset value depreciation. Fortunately, we take care of these concerns for you.

In order to ensure that your vacant property is safe and secure, there is a lot you need to consider. Whether we are looking at the big picture or the smallest of details, we understand what is required to care for, protect and restore your vacant property. To clarify this process, we have identified the four key elements of a vacant property’s lifecycle:

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